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Practice of Kashima-Shinryū first began at the University of Helsinki Martial Arts Dojo on 1996, when Finnish doctoral students returned to Finland from University of Tsukuba, Japan. At this time the University of Tsukuba was the main dojo of Kashima-Shinryu where the 19th headmaster of Kashima-Shinryū, Seki Humitake was working as a professor.

The chapter head of University of Helsinki Kashima-Shinryū in Peter Nysten (Menkyo Kaiden)

Helsinki University chapter of Kashima-Shinryū is a member of Kashima-Shinryū Budō Renmei, that is jointly coordinated by the Headmaster of the School Seki Humitake, Soke Kunii Masakatsu and the official representatives of the Kashima Grand Shrine (Kashima Jingu)