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Kashima-Shinryû is admitting new students during Summer and Fall 2023 seasons.

New students begin study of Kashima-Shinryû curriculum with a “Introduction to Kashima-Shinryu”– module (3 practice sessions). 

“Introduction to Kashima-Shinryu” prepares the new student for next stage, “Basic Course of Kashima-Shinryu” focusing mostly on swordsmanship (kenjutsu) and fundamentals of unarmed grappling (jujutsu).

Successful study of the Basic Course curriculum prepares student for examination for “Kirikami” (first “rank” of Kashima-Shinryû) and builds the foundation for safe, effective and meaningful study of the more advanced levels of Kashima-Shinryû.  With regular study the Basic Course is usually successfully completed in about 3 months. 

Required equipment for beginning student consists of comfortable, loose fitting clothing suitable for indoors sports.  A white keikogi (“judo uniform”) should be used after successful graduation of Kirikami– rank (Keikogi may naturally be used by students own discretion from the very beginning of study.) 

Introductory modules are organised monthly. Visits by appointment. 

We always invite persons interested in taking up Kashima-Shinryû to first observe one practice session before applying for study. Prospective students should be 18 years of age or older.

If you’re interested in taking up Kashima-Shinryû or if you have questions, please contact us by this form